Egg vitrification and

In Fertibank we offer the possibility to reserve donor’s oocytes before starting the treatment. You can also reserve, at patient’s request, if you want oocytes from the same donor for future pregnancies.

European regulations

Fertibank’s freezing methods comply with European regulations regarding cells and human tissue (European Directive 2004/23 / EC and RD 1301/2006).

Our goal is to guarantee the sterilization and traceability in the freezing process, we can identify and retreat the damaged lot and investigate what has been the problem

Vitrification straws

Vitrification process

The vitrification is carried out in an opened system (the oocytes have direct contact with liquid nitrogen) using Kitazato means (Mean Vitrification – Ref 91101) from which we use three vials:

0 - BS: Basic Solution

1 - EN: Equilibration Solution

(7.5% EG + 7.5% DMSO)

2 - VS: Vitrification solution

(15% EG + 15% DMSO + 0.5 M sucrose)


We store the straws (cryotop) in approved containers at 196°C.

How to devitrify the oocytes?

The devitrification process is carried using Kitazato means (Thawing Media- Ref. 91121).
Consist of three vials:


TS: Thawing Solution


DS: Diluent Solution


WS: Washing Solution

Finally, they are passed on to the plate of cultivation mean (Global total). Survival is valued through inverted microscope and stored
in the cultivar incubator for two hours minimum, until their microinjection.

ISO Quality Guarantee

ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • · We apply ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
  • · We comply with European directive 2004/23/EC and the Royal Decree 1301/2006 about cell human tissue bank in quality system.
  • · We are credited by TÜV-Rehinland with identification number: ID: 9105078033


  • · European Registry of Tissue Establishments: ES0613

Customer service

  • · We have a customer service department with telephone number (+34) 93-362-27-35 form Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  • · We carry out satisfaction surveys to our donors to work in the continuous improvement and perfection of our quality of donor care.

Quality control

We do quality control to all our frozen samples:

  • · We discard the samples that do not match our quality standards after defrosting.
  • · Microbiological culture, discarding the samples that show growth of some type of flora.


The control of all of our processes allows us to know the traceability of a sample.

Quality measures

We carry out strict quality control of the number of each donor’s sacs and alive births to avoid the maximum limit in Spain (6 per donor).

For that it is necessary the collaboration of the centres and professionals informing in an effective and fast way the results of the treatments and the existence of frozen embryos with donor intervention to fulfil the requirements requested by law (Royal Decree 1301/2006).